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Operations in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) are seasonal events that offer players a series of maps and challenges to complete. Operations typically run for several weeks and offer exclusive rewards such as unique skins, graffiti, and stickers. The main goal of operations is to provide players with new and fresh experiences, while also promoting teamwork and skill-building.

Operations usually consist of several different game modes, including classic casual and competitive modes. The maps used in operations are designed to challenge players and push their skills to the limit. In addition, each operation features special missions that players can complete to earn experience points and exclusive rewards. These missions often require players to perform specific objectives on each map, such as planting or defusing the bomb or killing a certain number of enemy players.

Operations also offer players the chance to compete against others in the community. The events are structured in a way that encourages players to work together as a team, and players can earn rewards based on their individual and team performance. In addition, operations often include special leaderboards that track the progress of players and teams, allowing players to see how they stack up against others in the community. Overall, operations provide players with a new and exciting way to play CS:GO, and offer a great way to test and improve their skills.

The different operations are:

Operation Payback

Operation Bravo

Operation Phoenix

Operation Breakout

Operation Vanguard

Operation Bloodhound

Operation Wildfire

Operation Hydra

Operation Shattered Web

Operation Broken Fang

Operation Riptide

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